Get great results and returns - invest in NKB Virtual Assistant

My rates are simple and all-inclusive. I charge by the hour or by the project – just pay for what you need.

Hourly Rate
From £25.00 per hour – you know exactly what you’re paying for - time spent on the task and no other unnecessary expenditures. Especially suitable for regular monthly tasks where we agree up to a set number of hours per month (minimum of 1 hour per month).

Project Rates
For ad-hoc or one-off projects and tasks – no need to pay for additional time and great for budgeting because there’s no guesswork. Based on your specific requirements, I charge a fixed price for the entire project.

Next Steps
If you’re considering Virtual Assistant services or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to

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We’ll have a free, no obligation initial conversation about your requirements and how I can help.