Email Inbox Management

Many people receive far more emails per day than they would like.  They often receive distracting emails that interrupt their day for no good reason.  They struggle to spot and action the important emails.

If you would like to claw back hours in your busy day then our Email Inbox Management service could help.

We can monitor your email, discarding spam, replying to very simple emails if appropriate, and highlighting important/urgent emails for your attention.  We use email folders to keep your inbox organised.  More specifically, our services include:


  • Monitoring and filtering incoming mail - highlighting, prioritising and notifying you of the most important and urgent items that require your personal and/or immediate attention.

  • Responding to emails on your behalf and acting on matters which don’t require your personal or immediate attention

  • At a glance - using flags, rules and coding or colour coding to help prioritise and immediately see what’s urgent, important, pending or non-urgent.

  •  Folder management  - setting up a tailored filing system.

  • Bring forward – folders for reviewing discussions and papers relating to upcoming meetings

  • Don’t miss anything - monitoring sent, deleted and spam folders to ensure you haven’t missed or removed anything important.

  • Printing/Viewing - formatting emails and attached documents for printing or easier viewing on your hand-held devices


With modern technology, we can do this remotely throughout the day.

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