CRM Data Management

Marketing support, to grow leads and close more sales

Having accurate and up to date CRM data is crucial for successful marketing, increased sales, and strong customer relationships.


I streamline and maintain your CRM data management process, for easier access and monitoring of your prospects, leads and customers – giving you valuable insights to create more opportunities and grow your business.

And used together with my Customer and Supplier Liaison service will provide a deeper understanding of your target market and clients, enhancing their experience and elevating your reputation and prestige. Support includes:

  • Capturing data from any format.

  • Recording all activities on one centralised system.

  • Using your preferred online cloud-based software or server-based system.

  • Adding and editing details - from enquiry to making a sale, and customer care updates.

  • Following up leads and scheduling appointments.

  • Delivering marketing campaigns.

  • Running reports to track and analyse leads/sales, and develop customer care.

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