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Keep track of your spending with
Expenses Management support

Helping small business owners achieve more

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Do you find processing your business expenses time-consuming and tedious?

  • Do you process expenses at the last minute to meet accounting deadlines?
  • Or are your expense reports always out of date?

  • Would you rather be spending your time on higher level tasks?

The solution is my Expenses Management service.

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NKB VIRTUAL ASSISTANT will help free up your time, so you can get back to growing your business.


Delegate essential routine tasks to relieve the burden and gain more time.


Reinvest your time in opportunities and projects that build, develop and expand your business.


Get support only when you need with services tailored to your specifications.

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My clients no longer have out of date expense reports

Financial Report

I know that processing your business expenses is a painstaking practice that takes up too much time.

I’ve saved my clients hundreds of hours and released them from this repetitive task, so they can spend more time on the development and growth of their business.

All while ensuring they have access to accurate and up to date expense reports, which are also ready for any accounting purposes whenever required.

She is a conscientious and diligent individual. She cares a great deal about her clients. She is pro-active, flexible and patient. If you're short of time and need a safe pair of hands to look after business admin, I would recommend having a chat with Nilu.

- Francis Hooke, Director at We Grow Businesses

Email: Plan

Get back time so you can get back to growing your business.


Book a consultation to discuss your requirements and how I can help.


In line with your requirements
and goals, learn how my
services can help make better
use of your time.


Delegate your essential everyday tasks, and gain more time to spend on getting results and growing your business!

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At NKB Virtual Assistant, I know you want to keep track of your business spending and submit your accounts reports on time.

But for that to happen, you need to regularly organise and record each of your business’s spending activities.

The problem is you don't have the time for this essential task, making you feel distracted and overwhelmed.

Processing your business expenses shouldn’t be a struggle, where not only do you lose time, but you lose track of your spending and miss your accounting deadlines.

That's why I will process and maintain your expenses for you - collating and logging your invoices and receipts, so that you can access and deliver up to the minute expense reports at any time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Book a consultation with me, so I can learn more about you and your requirements.

  2. Learn how my services can help make better use of your time.

  3. Delegate your essential everyday tasks to me, and get more time to spend on growing your business.

Request a Consultation today, so you can stop struggling with expenses management and start supporting claims to the money you’re entitled to without paying any penalties or more tax than you need.

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