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Get more time to grow your business
with admin support

Helping small business owners achieve more

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How much is time spent on routine admin costing you every day?

  • Missing opportunities and losing customers?

  • Always behind and having to catch up?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

  • Longing to get more done?

A lack of time may be stopping you from reaching your potential and growing your business.

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NKB VIRTUAL ASSISTANT will help free up your time, so you can get back to growing your business.


Delegate essential routine tasks to relieve the burden and gain more time.


Reinvest your time in opportunities and projects that build, develop and expand your business.


Get support only when you need with services tailored to your specifications.

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My clients no longer struggle with managing the many demands of their business

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I understand the overwhelm and stress of having to constantly manage business critical but mundane tasks on a daily basis – they get in the way of taking your business to the next level.

I’ve saved my clients hundreds of hours and freed them from those time-consuming routine tasks, so they can spend more time on the development and mission of their business to achieve more.

All while remaining secure in the knowledge that their admin is being professionally managed.

​I wanted to really thank you for setting up my CRM Database on Capsule and adding my contacts - it has made such a difference! It's also meant that I follow up with clients in time…. All of this saves me time and helps me be more organised.

- Andréa Watts, Owner at UnglueYou

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Get back time so you can get back to growing your business.


Book a consultation to discuss your requirements and how I can help.


In line with your requirements
and goals, learn how my
services can help make better
use of your time.


Delegate your essential everyday tasks, and gain more time to spend on getting results and growing your business!

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At NKB Virtual Assistant, I know you want to be a successful and prosperous small business owner.

And to do that, you need time and freedom.

The problem is, there are only so many hours in a day and when you’re doing everything yourself, there’s a limit to what you can achieve on your own. You feel overwhelmed and stressed in trying to meet the demands of your business and reach your goals.

I believe you shouldn't be spending valuable time on the routine admin tasks that don't directly make you money. Having to continually manage these mundane tasks, which are at the core of running your business on a daily basis, prevents you from moving your company forward.

That’s why I handle those time-consuming tasks for you, so you can spend more time on vital projects that make you money.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Book a consultation with me, so I can learn more about you and your requirements.

  2. Learn how my services can help make better use of your time.

  3. Delegate your essential everyday tasks to me, and get more time to spend on growing your business.

Request a Consultation today, so you can stop doing those daily admin tasks and start re-investing your time in opportunities, projects, and strategies that build your business and make you money.

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