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Task Ticking Tips: Banishing Backlog

Updated: May 17

Making the most of your time to achieve more and grow your business

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Making time for small business success

Task Ticking Tips #1

Organise as you go and if it takes less than 5 minutes, do it now.

How often do you say, "there aren't enough hours in the day"?

Welcome to the first in my series of Task Ticking Tips helping you make the most of your time, to achieve more and grow your business.

Keeping everything in order as you go along helps you stay ahead, be organised and stop backlog build up.

Scheduling and doing these 5 tasks on a regular daily or weekly basis means you avoid accumulating tasks and the resulting overwhelm.

* Update your CRM data

Whether you use a CRM database or a spreadsheet, having accurate and up to date information on your prospects, leads and clients is vital for effective marketing, higher sales, and strong customer connections.

  • Any small updates (less than 5 than minutes) should be added straight away.

  • Have your CRM app on your phone to update on the go.

  • Schedule time once a week to update, track and analyse for the latest insights.

If you lack the time to manage your CRM database, the solution is my CRM Data Management admin support service.

* Reconcile your bank transactions

Regularly reconciling your bank account transactions against those in your accounting software is a critical business practice. It will alert you to any discrepancies in your finances, so you can fix them before they get out of control.

  • Check and reconcile at least once a week - this keeps the number of transactions to reconcile and the time spent to a minimum.

* Log your expenses

Timely collation and tracking of your spending ensures your expenses are ready to go when you need and supports claims for the money you've spent.

  • With your accounting app, take a photo of receipts and upload/log as you go.

  • Set aside regular weekly time to collate, scan/photo, file and log your receipts and e-invoices.

If you find processing your business expenses time-consuming and tedious, the solution is my Expenses Processing service.

* Archive emails you've dealt with

An email is a task - when it arrives in your inbox you deal with it or leave it unread as a to-do.

  • Once actioned don't leave it in your inbox to clutter, distract and delay.

  • Create an appropriate email folder in your mailbox and archive it.

If you receive more emails per day than you would like, the solution is my Email Inbox Management service.

* Review and update your diary

Regular reviews of your diary will help to manage your time better and keep organised.

  • Once a week, block time for specific tasks for the following week.

  • At the start or end of each day, review your calendar for that week and adjust as required

* Bonus Tip: All tasks

When doing any essential but mundane task, take a moment to:

  • Consider if it's the best use of your time.

  • Ask yourself if someone else can do the task and delegate.

If you're spending too much time on admin and want to clear the backlog, my virtual admin support services can help.

Request a Consultation today, so you can stop doing those daily admin tasks and start re-investing your time in opportunities, projects, and strategies that build your business and make you money.

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