Money Management

Effortless management of your financial data

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Keeping your financial data accurate and up to date is a crucial business practice and consists of many time-consuming, repetitive procedures to manage your finances.

Specialising in FreeAgent and Xero, I manage the day to day logging, tracking and organisation of your business's financial activities - such as invoice management, credit control, expenses management and reconciliations.

Without any additional effort, you can be assured and relaxed in the knowledge that your financial information is always current. Ensuring you have access to accurate financial reports, ready to submit well within your accounting period deadlines. Services include:

Invoice Management

Timely invoicing is fundamental to getting paid on time and retaining a positive cash flow.


With my invoice management service, your invoices are promptly prepared, sent and followed up with customers, making it possible for you to get paid sooner rather than later.

Service includes invoice reconciliations.

Have your money arrive sooner with my credit control service and avoid the negative impact of customers delaying payments due to their own cash flow demands and/or lack of planning.


I contact customers on your behalf, with courteous reminders that payment is due or overdue – helping you to minimise late payments, stay on top of your cash flow and maintain good customer relations.

Expenses Management

Well-maintained expense reports support claims to the money you’re entitled to and ensure you don’t pay any penalties or more tax than you need.


I collate and log your expenses, ensuring timely checks, submissions and approvals – so they’re ready to use when needed.

Service includes bank account reconciliations, alerting you to any discrepancies in your finances, so you can fix them before they get out of control.