Diary and Travel Management

When you’re busy, managing a diary and scheduling meetings can become time-consuming and complicated.  Yet it’s essential for planning your daily tasks, attending meetings and making travel arrangements.  For busy executives in Hertfordshire, diary management can offer big benefits for minimal cost.


Acting as your direct representative and liaison, we proactively schedule your appointments, organise and

co-ordinate meetings and plan your daily tasks whilst taking care of travel arrangements and itineraries as necessary.  We make sure that everything you need is prepared and handed over in advance, leaving you to attend your meetings and travel without any stress.  You will also have more time to deal with your daily work tasks.


You no longer have to spend your valuable time searching for the cheapest train tickets,

hotels or air fares - we can take care of that for you.


You no longer have to think through how to get from A to B - we will plan and research

everything for you, giving you easy-to-follow instructions.


You no longer have to liaise with multiple parties to organise an effective and efficient

itinerary - we will take that problem off your desk.


You no longer have to make apologetic or awkward telephone calls to advise if you're

running late, or need to cancel or re-book a meeting - we will take care of it all.


With fewer distractions and little tasks to worry about you will be able to fully focus on

the most important jobs for the day.


More specifically, this service includes:

  • Diary review - dealing with and providing you with notification of changes, amendments and cancellations.  Offering alternative solutions if necessary.

  • Invitations - as your liaison, receiving and accepting/declining invitations on your behalf.

  • Organise and co-ordinate - as your representative, setting meeting dates, confirming meetings and sending invitations.

  • Preparation - composing, collating and sending agendas and papers.

  • Presentation - preparing any other essential reports, presentations prior to the meeting/events.

  • Bring forward - assist in collating and handing over relevant papers prior to meetings and events.

  • Meeting  space  - venue research and conference room and facilities bookings.

  • Travel - travel planning and itineraries and preparation of relevant documentation prior to travel.

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