Additional Services

Reclaim time to deliver quality and value

Save time and get rid of distractions - let me take on those all-important day to day tasks that keep your business running, so you can focus where you need - to get ahead and exceed customer expectations. My additional services encompass a variety of tasks.

Customer and Supplier Liaison

Enhance your reputation and prestige
Acting as your direct representative, I respond to information requests and queries on your behalf. Whether that’s your general enquiries inbox, lead follow ups on your CRM system or checking voicemail messages, I proactively handle queries and notify you only of those which need your personal attention.

Diary, Tasks and Meeting Management

Increase productivity
Regular calendar reviews to identify and improve how your time is being spent, for better long-term productivity and work-life balance. I proactively schedule and co-ordinate all meetings, video/web conferencing and appointments as well as plan and set time for your projects and tasks.

Documents, Presentations and Reports

Impress your clients and prospects
Make the right impression with well-presented documents. Whether it’s a Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation, your documents are correctly formatted with no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. No matter how simple or complex, I can help to create templates, fill out forms and transcribe, create, format, proofread and edit using content from handwritten notes, paper records and electronic documents.

Email Inbox Management

Save time
Eradicate irrelevant emails and save time. I monitor and manage your inbox so you only see and action the important emails. I check and filter all emails, discarding spam, replying on your behalf, or notifying you of any important/urgent emails that need your attention.

Email Marketing

Increase sales
An excellent and low-cost way to provide additional value to subscribers and clients. I make sure your email campaigns are correctly set up, from building and managing your mailing lists, to proofreading, formatting and distributing. Plus, performance analysis of each campaign, helping to improve open, click and conversion rates.


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